TOG and Ennismore sign at 15 Water Street

Ennismore, the developer and operator of unique hospitality properties around the world including The Hoxton and Gleneagles; and TOG, one of the UK’s largest providers of shared workspaces, are two of the fastest growing and creative companies in the UK. They will reside in the distinctive red bricked building of 15 Water Street, designed by the one of Britain’s largest architectural firms, Allies and Morrison. The building will comprise over 180,000 sq. ft. and is scheduled to complete in Q2 of 2021.


Ennismore has agreed to lease c.100,000 sq. ft. on a 25-year contract, arranged over the Ground floor and Levels 4 to 9. This will house Ennismore’s newest brand, NoCo: a 312-room hotel with honest pricing, clever design, beautiful essentials and a focus on technology.


TOG has leased c.45,000 sq. ft. of the Water Street mixed-use building, arranged over Ground and Levels 10 to 13 on a 20-year contract. TOG is a pioneer in its field, offering beautiful, individually designed office buildings with progressive membership schemes and flexible agreements to a mix of start-ups and established businesses.


Wood Wharf is currently under construction by Canary Wharf Group, with the first phase of buildings to be delivered in 2019 and 2020. With 2 million sq. ft. of commercial space, it represents a major new destination for modern businesses.


The 5 million sq. ft. development will include world-class cultural and educational centres and up to 3,600 residential homes, 380,000 sq. ft. of retail and leisure amenities, a two form primary school and medical facilities set in 3.6 hectares of interconnected open spaces; combining tree-lined high streets, dockside walkways, and running trails. Wood Wharf will become a home to tenants of a modern and progressive mind-set and business community.


Richard Archer, Managing Director Offices at Canary Wharf Group commented: “As part of our placemaking phase, we chose Ennismore and TOG because they epitomise the vision we have for Wood Wharf. We are specifically partnering with dynamic and forward thinking businesses like Ennismore and TOG so we can continue to attract a truly diverse range of occupiers. We are delighted to announce them as the first to sign leases with us at Wood Wharf.”


“We’re incredibly excited to launch our new hotel brand NoCo as part of a new era of the Canary Wharf estate” said Sharan Pasricha, CEO of Ennismore, “Wood Wharf provides a location that matches with our mission to create an affordable hotel that will embrace technology, great value, and stylish design, as well as provide an open space to the new tenants of the estate.


Charlie Green, Co-CEO, The Office Group stated: “The conventional market in and around Canary Wharf has a huge volume of traditional office space. When you have that level of concentration, it tends to follow that the need for flexible and shared space is strong. So we’ve been looking for the right building for some time. With Wood Wharf, we’ve found the right building. We’re delighted to be sharing the building with Ennismore. I think we sit really well with a hotel, and their branding and design skills are outstanding. We’re working very closely with them and CWG to create a landmark building for the Estate.”

How do you design spaces for companies that don’t exist yet?

Gone are the days when workplaces could go unchanged and expect to serve whomever worked in them. Instead, they must be designed with liquid workforces in mind – they need to be able to move with them, change with them and develop alongside them.

The future of dynamic organisations and shared facilities means both flexibility and affordability for companies, something not offered at the same scale in traditional set-ups. Remove the physical divisions and you encourage the sharing of best practice, ideas and even camaraderie between colleagues and people who work at different organisations.

What surrounds us shapes and influences what we do and how well we do it. We need to create spaces that can evolve alongside businesses – places that connect and inspire people and are capable of keeping up with rapid change – only then we will create spaces fit for organisations of tomorrow, whatever they may look like.

Jacqueline de Rojas, President of techUK

Can a building help you live longer?

The working environment has, over recent years, become more important and relevant. Having evolved rapidly, it has become part of the job hunt process. The conditions people work in play a key part in their everyday lives and the working environment must reflect their needs to not only retain talent, but to provide a healthier working life.

It is about creating somewhere where people enjoy going to work, leading to higher productivity levels and in turn making us happier and healthier.

In a world that is increasingly health conscious, it makes sense that this is a number one priority for property developers, designers and business owners to dedicate their resources to creating the right spaces for their audience.

A vibrant, open and naturally lit building that encapsulates the needs of its tenants, will most certainly create an atmosphere that will positively affect our wellbeing and help us live longer.

Charlie Green, Co-CEO of TOG