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Story so far

Wood Wharf is the latest chapter in the transformation of the historic West India Docks. Once part of the world's busiest port during the 1800s, it now welcomes 120,000 office workers every day. The docks closed in 1980, and over the past 30 years, the district has become one of Europe’s largest centres for finance, business and tech, with more than 16 million sq ft of office space.

“Our vision is to inspire positive impact by creating places that are healthy, thriving, sustainable and future-ready.”

Sir George Iacobescu CBE
Chairman and CEO
at Canary Wharf Group plc


Designing, developing, building and managing property is the core of what we do. But our work is about more than the buildings themselves.

We help create places where people, businesses and communities can thrive. Our focus is on sustainable development, creating environments that promote health and well-being, attract valuable employment opportunities and offer something for all generations.

For over 30 years, we have been shaping world-class destinations and future cities, driving regeneration in London.

Wood Wharf will be targeting zero-carbon and zero-waste, creating a positive social impact on the local area and communities. As part of our residential offering of up to 3,600 new homes, up to 25% of these will be affordable housing.

All of our buildings are targeting BREEAM ‘outstanding’ and WELL Building Standard certification whilst offering the latest in smart building technology.

In June 2018 we announced plans to become the world’s first Plastic Free Community with accreditation from Surfers Against Sewage.

We understand that we have clear responsibilities as a landlord and custodian. That's why we take ownership of our developments' operations while playing an active role in the communities we serve.

Our portfolio includes:

  • 2.1 million sq ft of offices
  • 490,000 sq ft of bars, shops, restaurants and leisure space
  • Up to 3,600 new homes with up to 25% affordable housing
  • 600,000 sq ft of community uses
  • A university/business school and an academy of excellence
  • Total 23 acres of which 8 acres are interconnected public open spaces
2.1M SQ FT

sq ft of office, residential, retail and educational uses.





The work we do is ultimately about people, and the spaces in which we live and work. We're committed to working in close collaboration with the local community at every stage, striving to ensure our developments lead to a positive economic impact for residents, businesses and their employees.

For example, we partner with innovative programmes such as the 'Ready for Work' scheme and the 'Women’s Project' that coordinate valuable work experience for people who have been homeless or out of work for a long time. We're also involved in mentoring programmes, interview training and CV workshops aimed at giving local students the tools they need to find work. These programmes have been commended with an honorary alumni award to acknowledge the number of work experience placements we have offered within our organisation.

Wood Wharf will be a multi-billion pound development and is expected to generate £2bn gross value from new jobs, add £199m into the local small business economy and generate 20,000 new jobs.

Estate management

Our main responsibilities for Wood Wharf are: security, traffic management, health and safety, business continuity, facilities management, public spaces and landscaping, arts and events.


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