#3 Changing Perceptions

What’s on our radar this month.

The apps, books, podcasts, events and food-trends that are on our radar this month.

  • App


    Working across Canary Wharf and the rest of the UK, this app incentivises eliminating single use food containers by offering points and rewards to its users.

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  • Podcast


    Produced by EW Group, specialists in workplace diversity and inclusion, industry leaders and workplace culture experts talk about their journey to rework organisational culture and cultivate a more inclusive workplace environment for everyone.

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  • Book

    Believe. Build. Become. How to supercharge your career by Anna Jones and Debbie Wosskow

    The founders of women only members’ club, The AllBright, bring us a hands-on manual designed to help any woman develop the skills and mindset she needs to become a successful leader.

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  • Culture

    ES Develin: Memory Palace

    In this new large-scale work, commissioned by Pitzhanger, visitors are immersed within a vast chronological landscape mapping pivotal shifts in human perspective over 75 millennia.

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  • Food & Drink


    One third of all food produced is thrown away annually, resulting in a staggering 1.3 billion tonnes of waste worldwide. Karma aims to reduce these figures by encouraging retailers to upload and sell their surplus food. Check out the menu items on offer every day for environmentally conscious lunch at a fraction of the cost.

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